An AWESOME Begining of the School Year Event for Webelos

Join Tuality District at Camp Meriwether for their annual Webelos Woods.

Webelos Woods
Webelos Woods is a district-sponsored event that is designed to give first and second year Webelos Scouts and their parents a preview of the Boy Scouting experience. Webelos have the opportunity to work on several activity badges while guided by Boy Scouts. Parents have the chance to visit troops, meet the leaders, and compare programs offered by the various troops within the district. There is also the thrill of camping in the outdoors at a Boy Scout camp.

This is an excellent time for each troop to share with Webelos the activities typical for Boy Scouts. Likewise, this is an excellent time for Webelos to visit with a variety of troops from your area, and learn which troop may be the best to join.

Webelos Woods will be held at Camp Meriwether, on October 24-26, 2014.

The 2013 leader guide is currently posted at

Ft Clatsop Day Camp 2014 Advancement Check Off

We had an awesome week of camp this year. Scouts not only had fun, but they also got a head start at signing off things in their new rank books.

Please remember to check with your scout when signing off requirements. The file includes items that were available at camp, but leaders and parents are responsible for determining attendance and participation level.

2014 Wester Day Camp Advancement

Ryan Larsen named as Ft. Clatsop 2014 District Award of Merit Recipient

Ryan Larsen District Award of Merit 2014

The 2014 District Award of Merit, Ft. Clatsop District Boy Scouts of America, was awarded to Ryan Larsen, Troop 628 on May 8 at the annual District Dinner.

In presenting the award to Ryan the presenter, 2013 District Award of Merit winner John Tanksley, shared that Ryan has been involved in scouting even before he was old enough to join.  He built his first pinewood derby car at the age of 5.  Carrying the tradition of the Pinewood Derby over to his adult scouting career Ryan has assisted not only in Packs 628 and 211’s pinewood derbies but also for the past 4 years in the District Pinewood Derby.

Ryan brought his love of the out of doors and camping to “rainy Clatsop County February’s” when he moved here by organizing two Camp In’s at the Astoria Elks Club for the Boy Scouts and the Cub Scouts.

To continue the tradition of scouting with his family Ryan’s Mom did the calligraphy on the Award Certificate and his Dad created a special belt buckle to be presented along with the Award of Merit.  The belt buckle had been designed by Ryan’s Dad in honor and memory of a long time family and scouting friend.

As a youth Ryan’s scouting career included earning the Eagle and 2 silver palms and attending National Jamboree.  He was also involved in the Order of the Arrow  during which time he was awarded “Vigil Honor”. As an adult Ryan is still involved in the Order of the Arrow and has served as a volunteer both in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. He has assisted in training, including being a staffer at Wood Badge.

When Ryan isn’t busy serving in  scouting he volunteers as a rescue diver for the Clatsop County sheriff’s Dive Team.   He spends his working hours as a Certified Physician’s Assistant in Orthopedics at Columbia Memorial Hospitals Health and Wellness Pavilion. Congratulations Ryan.

Ft. Clatsop Day Camp, a Week Filled With Fun

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What an awesome group!

What an awesome group!

Our entire staff was wanted...

Our entire staff was wanted…

Our Wild, Wild, West Day Camp has been a week filled with fun!

Staff actually started months ahead of time with planning and training.

Once it was time for camp, we kicked things off with our Check Out Scouts Saturday. All boys 1st-5th grade in the county were invited to come…Check out Scouts. They worked on 2 wood projects, visited the BB and archery ranges, went fishing and were treated to a BBQ.

Monday morning we welcomed our campers who were joining us for the full week. They have spent the week having fun with BB’s, archery, fishing, orienteering, 2 awesome wood projects for each boy, whittlin’, learning songs and skits, leather working, Dutch oven cooking, knots, sports, first aid training, did I mention BB’s and archery.

Thursday our campers heading out on the trail. Our Wild Mustang Webelos den headed out on a hike to Ft. Clatsop from the Pioneer Church…almost 10 miles round trip. Our Old Grizzly Bears, Cow Pokes and Prairie Dogs dens also departed from the Pioneer Church and headed for the beach to play in the sand and lash bamboo together for chariot races…almost 5 miles round trip.

We finished camp with a cowboy scavenger hunt, horse shoes, lasso training, capture the flag, cow milking, leather and wood working. If that wasn’t enough, our dens planned skits and performed in front of their families.

We welcome everyone to come back next year for a brand new  theme.

Remember to Wear Closed Toe Shoes and Sock to Camp This Week

Please remember to send your Cub Scouts to Day Camp in CLOSED TOE SHOES AND SOCKS this week.

We will be doing a lot of hiking around camp. The terrain is mostly gravel or grass that is filled with sand stickers.

We want everyone to have a positive camp experience. Keeping their feet safe can comfortable will go a long way in helping us achieve that goal.

It’s Beginning to Look Like Day Camp

The tents went up today. The lake has some new residents, courtesy of Fish and Game. We are just waiting for Cub Scouts to show up and have some fun!!

What Should I Wear to Day Camp

First of all…it is suggested that you write your name in any items you wish to have back if you misplace them at camp. Lost and found may be offered at the end of each day…anything left after camp will be taken to the District Picnic on July 10th at Cullaby Lake. Items not claimed at the picnic will be donated to a local thrift store.

So,  we have some pretty awesome Western themed t-shirts that are perfect for day camp. Check with your den leader to see if you qualified for a free shirt. Extras will be available in the trading post starting at $15.

We also suggest long pants to protect from bugs and stickers…we have world-famous stickers in the grass around day camp!! We also ask that everyone wear closed toe shoes AND socks. Those stickers LOVE to jump into sandals and crocs.  Every day scouts will hike to fishing and ranges…that’s a mile each way. Socks go a long way to prevent blisters.

Dress for the weather!! We suggest layers as the weather changes throughout the day. A sweatshirt and light rain coat are a good start.

Hats are also a great idea. Rank specific ball caps are always appropriate (and they will be available in the trading post along with neckerchiefs and tie slides). Past years day camp or resident camp hats are great as well. But when it comes down to it, we just like to see scouts wearing hats to protect themselves from extra sunshine.

What shouldn’t you wear to camp?? We definitely don’t recommend wearing those new neckerchiefs and tie slides.  Once those tie slides fall off, they are difficult to find in the grass. You are welcome to wear your field uniform (formerly called Class A uniform) to flag in the morning and afternoon. Just remember, you will be heading right to your first station immediately after morning flag. So keep your t-shirt under that field uniform…then put your field uniform in your day pack until you make it back to your tent.