2014 Ft. Clatsop Day Camp Song Book

Do you want to get a head start on learning our day camp songs.  Click the link to download the song book. It’s divided into 3 sections….Western Songs, Standard Scout Songs and Graces.

Print it out for Day Camp, your drive to Resident Camp, or just to use at scout meetings through out the year.

2014 Western Day Camp Song List

Leave no Trace Guidelines for all Cow Pokes Attending Ft. Clatsop Day Camp

Day camp is just a few days away!! As with any scout outing, we will be practicing the Leave no Trace Guidelines….but this week with a Western theme… (for a printable flyer, click 6 Leave no trace guidelines for Cow Pokes

6 Leave No Trace Guidelines for Y’all Cowpokes

Plan Ahead

Beware of all the hazards on that thar trail y’all be headin’ down. Iffin’ you’re gonna be heardin’ steers to market or prospectin’ make sure you have everything you need on the trail. Have the proper clothing and shoes to protect your hide from the sun and any stickers and rocks…

Don’t be forgettin’ to fill your water whenever you can. You never know when you might find a nice little spring or rushin’ river.

Your Trail Boss will know where the first aid kits will be. And we know you’ve already told someone back home that you’ve signed on for our ride down the trail.

Stick to Trails

It’s best to be stickin’ to the trails and maps. Short-cutting causes plants to die and soil to errode. Doing so may just tick of a rattler, or cut back the food supply for those wild mustangs you may want to corral later. And ifin’ your following an old prospectors map, the trees and trails you’re needing to find your way may no longer be.

Manage your pet

Now we can’t be having any pets on this western adventure…but if you seek adventure with your family…y’all best be managin’ your pet to keep people, other pets, rattlers, wild mustangs and other trail life from feeling threatened. Make sure your pet is on it’s leash or corralled at all times. Don’t let your pet approach any other animals…including them thar snakes, and wild mustangs. When creatures are chased or disturbed, they change their eating patterns and use more energy, which may result in poor health or death

Your pets waste just ain’t something y’all should be leaving along the trail. Be sure to have plenty of bags to pick up your pets waste…wherever it’s left. Place used bags in the garbage you get back to the homestead or circle the wagons for the night.

Leave what you find

Now keep in mind how much you’re enjoying the sites along the trail. The next group of cow pokes will enjoy the sites just as much as you. The less impact we each make, the longer we will enjoy what we have. If you be pickin’ even the smallest flower, it denies other cow pokes the opportunity to see them and reduces the number of plants fer all them thar creatures to eat.

Now when you’re out on that ole trail, you can help keep it up…the trail boss might be able to tell you about an approved conservation project. Iffin’ there aint an approved project, y’all can just pick up any trash you may see.

Respect other visitors

Now the west bein’ wild and free…y’all may run across some other cowpokes or prospectors. Be courteous and make room for others. We don’t want any fightin’ or claim jumpin’ so give others a wide berth. Avoid making excessive loud noises or playing loud music, it may not be to the liking of others around you.

Respect “No Tresspassing” signs. Iffin’ bounderies are unclear y’all best not be entering, nobody likes a claim jumper.

Trash your trash

Now, y’all be keepin’ all trash in a bag and deposited into an approved garbage can at the end of your day on the trail. Trash is unsightly and ruins everyone’s trail experience. Trash can kill all sorts of critters, on the land and in the waterin’ holes. Even materials such as orange peels, apple cores and food scraps take time to break down and could attract unwanted pests that could become a problem.

What to Bring to Day Camp

Howdy Partners! It’s almost time for Day Camp. We have an awesome staff again this year, headed by Mayor Ben as the Camp Director, Calamity Jen as the Business Director and Lauriet as the Program Director.

A few reminders…check in begins at 830am Monday – Thursday. Please do not drop scouts off prior to that time. You should make arrangements with your own pack to make sure they have a leader there by 830 each morning for check in.

Afternoon flag starts at 3pm, if you are picking your scout up, you are welcome to attend afternoon flag. Trading post will be open for a short time after flag. Pocket knives are available in the trading post, but can only be sold to adults and then must be taken home. There will also be some uniform parts and rank books for those scouts who have just advanced.

For a printable flyer to distribute to the families in your pack and full details, click Western Parent Letter

Highlights of the flyer are…

What to bring to camp

Every day campers and adults will need the following items:

  • • Healthy sack lunch (to be stored in cooler in pack shelter)
  • • Healthy snack (there will be NO food items available in the trading post)
  • • Refillable water bottle (Required)
  • • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • • Closed toe shoes AND socks
  • • Light jacket/rain coat
  • • Folding chair or blanket to sit on during lunch
  • • Good attitude

What NOT to bring to camp

Please leave the following items at home…

  • • Junk food and energy drinks
  • • Electronics
  • • Alcohol/tobacco
  • • Knives (pocket knives will be provided during whittling station only)
  • • Pets

Join our STEM Team!

We are looking for some help.

Are you interested in showing kids the cool world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics? How about opening the eyes of a youngster to a career that they never knew existed? Or giving them a hands on chance to try something new? The Cascade Pacific Council is putting together a team to give Scouts the opportunity to try new things and have fun at the same time.

We’ve done some cool events and offered some unique experiences, but there is so much more we can do together. If you are interested in helping guide the future of STEM in the BSA, especially here locally, send Jeff Aradine, STEM Education Director, an email at jaradine@cpcbsa.org. We are looking at programs for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts but also for our older co-ed programs, Venturing and Exploring. Kids deserve the chance to try new things and in today’s world there are so many cool things happening that the sky is the limit. Let’s work together to make sure our Scouts see it all! Join our STEM Team!

The Fundamentals of Training Course for trainers

June 21st at Kinton Grange in Beaverton.
This is the first part of the three-part train-the-trainer continuum (T3, or T-Cubed) in the Boy Scouts of America. The course introduces teaching techniques and skills to new Scout trainers but is also designed to help all Scouters, regardless of their experience, present effective training. Intended for both youth and adult trainers, the course will help those who might have trained for other organizations learn the BSA’s training techniques, and it will help freshen up the skills of current BSA trainers.

Also, How to put Pizzazz in Training Course will be offered. It is a course developed by our Council Commissioner Dolly Olsen. Trainers will learn best practices in how to make their BSA training courses exciting, interesting and of greater value to the participants. Sign up online at www.cpcbsa.org/register

The Sea Scouts Boat Sales are now open

To fund the Sea Scout operations the Sea Scouts take in donated boats and sell them at well below blue book.

First Annual Dutch Oven Dessert Cook Off Rules Posted

The rules for the First Annual Dutch Oven Dessert Cook Off have been posted. The Cook Off will be held at our annual district picnic on Thursday July 10th at Cullaby Lake.

ft. Clatsop District
Dutch Oven Dessert Cook Off
July lO 2ol4
Cullaby Lake Park
l. Entrants supply your own Dutch ovens and Utensils
2,. Entrants supply all charcoal and starter.
3. Everything must be prepared on site.
4, Entrants must describe their creation as to how made and with
what to the judges.
5, Entrants can start at 5:5O pm. Judging at 7:OO pm.
6. Judges will be judging on:
a. Originality
b. Taste
c. Appearance
7. All cooking must be done in a Dutch Oven on site.
8. Side items such as butters, sauces, jams should not be
presented to the judges.
9. Good fire safety practices must be maintained.
10. Safe food handling practices must be maintained.

 For a printable flyer to share with your units, click Dutch Oven Rules