Don’t wait to register for the 2013 Jamboree

A big thank you to Jack Branch, CPC Jamboree Committee Chairman for bringing great information to Last nights Jamboree night. Also thanks to Doug Peterson, Larry Hoekstre and Seaside LDS Troop for hosting the evening.

For those unable to attend, we would like to pass along the following information.

First off, if you meet the age requirements and would like to go to Jamboree, get your application in as soon as possible. Once you submit your application, you will be assigned to a Jamboree Troop. The closest one to us is Longview, which is already half full. Scouts submitting applications after Longview is full will be assigned to the next closest troop, which is Vancouver.  Youth applications are available at

To be eligible, scouts must have completed 6th grade OR be at least 12 years old by July 15th, 2013, but not have reached his 18th birthday by July 25th, 2013 and live and abide by the Scout Oath & Law and the Jamboree Code of Conduct.

Cascade Pacific Council is planning to take 10 troops of 36 Scouts and 4 leaders each as well as 1 crew of 36 Ventures and 4 leaders. They will depart from Portland on or around July 10-11, 2013 and fly to Washington D.C. They will visit such places as Arlington National Cemetery, the Capital, various monuments, the Smithsonian, Colonial Williamsburg, a day at Busch Gardens and many other sites.

They will arrive at The Summit Bechtel Reserve National Scout Reserve on Monday July 15, 2013. After a once in a lifetime experience at Jamboree, Scouts may continue to tour for a few more days or return home immediately. Specific tour dates will be confirmed June 2013.

The fee for participating youth will be $3,225. A $250 reservation fee must accompany the application. Monthly payments of at least $125 must be made with the balance due on or before April 15th, 2013. As a bonus, if the total fee is paid by January 1st, 2013 you will receive an extra uniform patch set.

The Jamboree fee includes all transportation, tours, admission fees, meals, lodging, insurance and equipment. The fee also covers a full contingent encampment in late May of 2013. There will also be additional expenses that include personal gear, uniforms, spending money, memorabilia items, pre-jamboree Troop/Crew activities and possible additional Troop/Crew expenses such as copying and postage.

There are many opportunities for Jamboree fundraising. If a Scout is willing there is no reason for him to miss Jamboree for financial reasons.

The 2013 Jamboree is also having a recruitment contest. There will be a prize for the 5 Scouts who recruit the most Scouts to attend the 2013 Jamboree. To be eligible, the recruiting scout must be registered for the 2013 Jamboree, and at the conclusion of the contest both the recruiting scout and scouts he has recruited must be current on their payments. The “recruited scout” must fill in the Recruited By line with his recruiters name (this can NOT be added later).

First place in the recruitment contest will be $1000 toward Jamboree expenses. Second place will be a laptop computer and 3rd place will be an I-Pod Touch.

For more information…attend our district round table meeting the 3rd Thursday of every month, check the council website ( or contact the Councils Jamboree Chairman, Jack Branch at


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