Vandalism to Camp Royce Finel makes front page of The Daily Astorian

Once again vandals have struck Camp Royce Finel. The vandalism was discovered on Saturday when Scout volunteers arrived for a scheduled work day.

 Tarp-covered shelters, picnic tables, a bulletin board and brick fireplace were all demolished by the vandals.

“This is the third time it’s happened,” said Tom Grimm, chairman and overseer of the camp for the Cascade Pacific Council of Boy Scouts. “There’s no use rebuilding it if it’s just going to be destroyed.” 

“It’s a shame,” Grimm said. “The camp was in top shape last summer.” He said the structures may be rebuilt after the vandals are caught.

If anyone has information about the vandalism, contact Deputy Sheriff Robert Townsend at the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office, (503) 325-8635 or email him at

The Boy Scouts will accept cash donations from companies or individuals and will put it in an account for Camp Royce Finel, to rebuild later. Make checks payable to the Boy Scouts of America, in care of Royce Finel and send to Karen Gill, scouting cordinator, for Fort Clatsop District. Her number is (503) 325-5108

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