No Water Acitivities or Animals at District Picnic

We have some updated information on the District Picnic.

In adhering to the rules set forth in the Guide to Safe Scouting, there will be no water activities at the District Picnic. Also, there is currently an issue with the water in Cullaby Lake making it unsafe for water activities.

Additionally, we are asking that those attending the picnic not bring family pets. This is a standard policy for Scouting functions within our District (due to possible liability issues, pet allergies and pet fears). We have been advised that any pets that come in contact with the water at this time could become fatally ill. Please leave family pets at home.

The District Picnic is Scheduled for Thursday, July 21st from 6-8pm at Cullaby Lake Park at the North Shelter (  ).

Entry fee to the park – 3.00 (in 1.00 bills to feed machine)

Provided: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, S’mores, “Bottled water, Dinnerware.

If you want to: bring salad, chips or dessert you may but not required.Bring empty 2 liter bottles for bottle rocket fun(we will have some extra available) ,chairs and Mosquito repellent. 

Volleyball, horse shoes  and other games available.

 Campfire Program: 7:15


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