October roundtable to be held on the 20th at Towler Hall at Clatsop Community College

Thursday in Towler Hall at Clatsop Community College is Roundtable.  Room numbers will be posted at the doors.
6:00 – 7:00 — One of the computer labs in Towler Hall will be open for your use in getting any online training done.
note to all Venturing Leaders (LDS and non-LDS) – this year Venturing Youth Protection  in addition to  Youth Protection Training will be required when the unit re-charters.
Also available will be guidance in accessing “mybsa.com and finding information re: your own record and the records of the unit if necessary.
7:00 – general assembly – Towler Hall 
Included in the information for general assembly will be the introduction of the New Product being sold in the Spring Sale and the information for Scouting for Food – Dec. 3.
Break out sessions -Venture, Sea Scout and Boy Scout adults  will be treated to a session on Cold Weather Camping with Bob Blue. 

Cub Scouts will be discussing the November Core Theme of Citizenship and finalizing those Pinewood Derby rules and plans.

Previous plans to have leader specific training have been postponed to a later date.


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