The 2011 Ft. Clatsop District Award of Merit was awarded to Molly May September 15

The presentation was made by Shanon Meehan – 2010 District Award of Merit recipient.

Molly and her husband Rick have been involved in scouting in Pack 211 and now Troop 211 with their sons Evan (Eagle Scout) and Cody

Serving as  a volunteer in both Pack 211 and Troop 211 Molly has exhibited a calm and respectful demeanor.
As Committee Chairman Molly has helped continue troop 211’s history of being very active. It runs a complete
Scouting program, and has excellent parent participation.

Working with the Scoutmasters Molly has seen the troop attend camp every summer, attend Florida’s Seabase, and send Scouts to National Jamboree.

Molly, is a  member of the medical profession, arranges very low cost physicals for the boys in the troop.

Molly is involved in the community in the Annual Crab and Seafood Festival, the Clatsop County Fair and  in the Betas (a local organization that raises money for local food banks and charities).


One response to “The 2011 Ft. Clatsop District Award of Merit was awarded to Molly May September 15

  1. Julene West de Salazar

    I was very excited to see that Molly May was awarded the Clatsop District award of Merit, as a parent of a Life Scout in Troop 211, I have observed Molly and Rick give of themselves sacrificially for our boys. They have a tremendous amount of love and commitment to this group of boys and the community at large. I am proud to call them friends, and delighted to see this award awarded to Molly. She is one in a million, we all love her very much, and she has made all the transitions through the years a pure joy. I can’t say enough to expression my appreciation and love of the very dedicated and valient woman.

    Julene West de Salazar

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