3 Great Ways to Participate in Scouting for Food

It’s that time again. Scouting for Food is just around the corner and we want to do our best to help as much as we can.

All 3 main areas of the county will be able to work with their local fire departments.

Warrenton area Scout units will work over two weekends. Saturday, December 3rd at 10am Cub Scouts can ride the fire trucks to deliver donation bags throughout the local neighborhoods. The following Saturday, December 10th at 10am Boy Scouts and Venturing Crews are needed to ride along and pick up the filled bags as well as sort donations. For more information on the Warrenton program, contact Birch Kelley at 503-861-6273

For the first year Seaside Scouts will do a similar program with the local fire department, just on different dates. Cub Scouts will be welcome to deliver donation bags on Saturday November 26th, while Boy Scouts will pick up filled bags on Saturday December 3rd. Seaside Fire Fighters and any available Scouts will also have donation barrels at Safeway on Saturday, December 10th. For more information on the Seaside program, contact Jason Schermerhorn at 503-440-5859.

Astoria area Scouts are still working out their details. They do plan to work with the Astoria Fire department and details will be available shortly. The contact person for the Astoria program is Trace Brock at brock_84@msn.con  503-791-9724.

Remember to keep track of roughly how much your unit does so we can pass that information along to the council.


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