E2Xtreme Car Kits Available

Do your Boy Scouts have fond memories of participating in Pinewood Derbies as Cub Scouts??

Now you can kick it up a notch with a E2Xtreme Challenge Racing Event. (Supplies available at the Longview Scout Store)

E2Xtreme is an exciting, new racing event using custom-built cars powered by CO2 fuel canisters. It is a merit-badge-driven activity (Model Design and Building, Woodworking, and Wood Carving) intended for Boy Scouts.

Courses are custom designed by Scouts…downhill, gravity battle, all-terrain, sprint speed…

The car kits include a 10″ x 2 1/4″ x 1″ pine wood block, 4 dragster wheels, 4 axle screw, axle turn-key, screw eyes for race guide line. ($7.99)

A launcher is also needed. The BSA exclusive launcher is safe, accurate and easy to use. It will launch 2 cars. An added bonus with the BSA launcher…a daisy-chain feature allowing multiple launchers to be linked together for synchronized starting of 4 or more cars. ($69.99/each)

8-gram CO2 fuel canister – 10-pack available for $8.99. E2Xtreme wheel replacement kits, $1.99. E2Xtreme axle replacement kits, $1.99

Please share your thoughts on this event. Ft Clatsop District would LOVE to know your Troops thoughts on this type of event.


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