ASD Focus Group to be held in Ft. Clatsop District

Late July there will be an “Extracurricular Service Providers ASD Focus Group”.

Ft. Clatsop District has the unique opportunity to host a focus group tailored to Scouting units working with Scouts who have Aspergers/Autism. The purpose of this event is to better equip Scout leaders to make scouting a positive experience for everyone involved.

Final details are being worked out. This will be a local event and the fee will be minimal.

There will be 2 guest speakers…A clinical psychologist who specializes in Aspergers/Autism and her colleague, a highly gifted ASD adult, both from the Portland area.

The event will last approximately 3 hours and be held mid day on a Saturday.

Please leave a comment or contact if you are interested.

Complete details will be posted shortly.


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