2012 Ft Clatsop Day Camp produces brand new knights


The last week of June almost 30 Cub Scouts attended Ft. Clatsop’s annual day camp, held at Camp Rilea.

This years theme was Knights of the Round Table.


Over the course of the week, Cubs participated in BBs, archery and fishing. Some Cubs who had never even fished before were able to catch a fish.





They also built a few wood projects and made flying dragons and worked on their Whittlin Chips with Frank Van Winkle. Did we mention BB’s and archery?? 


In addition, Cubs learned some essential knots with Sam Dunkin…including his favorite, the clove hitch (he likes to tie it around a ham before cooking it)…


As with every year, Thursday was Tiger Day at camp. For Tiger families who weren’t able to make it to camp for the whole week, there was a one day, get a taste of everything program. The were also able to visit the BB and archery ranges, go fishing, learn some songs, make a really cool wooden snake and have a quick BBQ.

To Close out the week, Camp Rilea staff assisted the Webelos in a meaningful Flag Decommissioning Ceremony.

Cubs were able to get a head start on signing off advancement requirements in their new rank books.  All the Cubs, as well as the adult and youth staff, had a great time in the process.


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