Leadership Development Conference Scheduled for November 17th

LDC- 2012

Leadership Development Conference

November 17, 2012 8am-3:30pm, LaSalle High School

Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge invites you to attend the 2012 Leadership Development Conference, the best youth led training intended for youth in the United States.

Every November our Lodge offers this wonderful opportunity to all youth, arrowman or not, to come learn about some basic and advanced skills in regards to leadership. This special event is open to all Boy, Venture and Sea Scouts.

Every Scout, regardless of rank, age, or level of previous leadership experience will learn something to help both them and those they led. Lead. LDC gives you the best result for your training dollars. You gain a once in lifetime experience that will not only help you throughout scouting but will give you skills useful in future work and school.

Some of the skills that will be taught are “What Makes an Effective Leader?” “Have you heard about the word: Communication?” Or “What to do to take the dull out of troop meetings.” You will have the best youth trainers in council . This is a great way to supplement TLT training and prepare for NYLT and other more advanced trainings.

The fee for this event is only $10
This fees includes:
All of the classes
A wonderful lunch
A Special Participant Patch
Lastly, all of the knowledge you can keep in your head

Go to http://www.oa-442.org/ldc.htm for more details
If you have any questions contact Jeremy Mancha, our 2012 LDC Chair email at corkey_525@yahoo.com , or the adult advisor Regi Korbe at Regik@comcast.net

Register online here http://cpcbsa.doubleknot.com/event/2012-ldc-leadership-development-conference/1191894

Birchard Kelley
FT Clatsop OA Chapter Advisor
503 440-9800


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