Chinook District Camporee Registration Online

Chinook District Camporee registration is up and running. You can register at

You are able to register Webelos, but there is not a separate check in time/day listed for them at this point. We will post an update when we find further information.

You can also check out the Chinook District Camporee packet at 2013 Camporee Packet. This packet will outline the activities as well as list items each scout should plan to bring.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do we Register?

Camporee re

 Camporee Registration is online through Doubleknot.
What is earliest we can check in on Friday 4/19/13?

 Paul Radke or Randy Bailey should be there by Noon to guide you to sites.

Are there still spaces available? Will there be any attendance limits?

 We designed Camporee around Camp Rilea because it is HUGE! there is plenty of campsite and parking there to accommodate everyone.  Chinook Camporee numbers have grown each of the past years, we would no longer fit into Camp Lewis, but Rilea is really Big! We even invited Ft. Clatsop District to Camporee this year (two Districts) and there will be plenty of room for all.

Can 11 year old Scouts attend?

 Yes, in a traditional unit they would be known as “New Scouts” there will be age appropriate events for them.

Can our Webelos attend?

 Yes, Age appropriate activities will be there for them.  We recommend that the Webelo units Co-camp with or near Troops that the Webelos would normally cross over into.
Are Meals provided?Only the Saturday Lunch is provided.  It will be an all District Dutch Oven Buffet.  This will be the food that was prepared in Dutch Ovens by the Adults who participate in the “Dutch Masters Training” Saturday morning. The Lunch will be set up on long tables like a Buffet, spoon onto your plate what you choose.  Bring your own plate and utensil’s, – these are not provided! All other meals and food need to be planned and prepared by your unit in Camp.
Is Shelter provided or do we bring Tents?

 Bring your own Tents and Tarps.  You will be camping in a primitive area that has no buildings.  You will be able to drive into your campsite, your vehicles can remain in your campsites.  Its OK to bring your heavy comfortable stuff as it is tailgate camping.

What about Water?

Primitive area with no spigots.  Bring water.  Recommend that units bring water coolers that can refill water bottles for the boys.  There is water to refill your coolers at the main base, you will need to drive to the water about 1 mile. We will request a Military mobile water tank, but I have no verification on them.  Bring your own water.

What about open Fires?

 Every unit needs to have a Fire.  Your boys will need an Open Fire in Camp during (“The Mission”) Wilderness Survival Scenario. You will also need to bring your own Firewood. Campsite areas require use of Above Ground Fire Pits.
What is the list of stuff the Scouts need to bring in addition to the usual?

 Please note there is a list is attached to Doubleknot, and the first page of the “Packet” It will be tough to win Top Troop if any Scout in a unit is without their 10 essentials. “The Mission” activities are very vigorous, I recommend Class “B” uniforms. Save class “A” uniforms for Flag, Campfire, Guest in Camp, Chapel, (“The Mission”) Wilderness Survival Scenario will need good Butcher or Fillet Knives.
What can our Patrols do to practice for the various events??

 The Patrols need Leaders, and the Patrol should vote on a Patrol Name. Build Patrol Flags, prepare a Cheer or Yell. Practice using the Compass.  Plan a Menu and Duty Roster, Plan to post these at entrance to your Camp.  The events will require Leadership, and Group Problem Solving. Practice Teambuilding. Write and and practice a Skit for Saturday Campfire.

Can LDS Troops checkout Sat night?

Yes. There will be Campfires Friday and Saturday. The Friday night Campfire is an OA Tapout, more accessible for the LDS units. Has the OA visited your unit to host elections? If not use the following contacts to set up elections: Chinook District:  Danny Romjue Ft. Clatsop Dist:  Kelley Birch
Will the Boys Equipment and Uniforms be checked when we get there?

 No uniform inspection as part of Camporee, but it would be tough to get the Top Troop prize without wearing Class A to Flag, Campfire, and for the Guest in Camp. We have a rule in my Troop that anytime the Scouts are in a moving vehicle, they must wear the class “A” uniform. From the Adult perspective it sure helps to get the boys to bring them to every activity. It is the Patrol Flags that are turned in Friday evening, inspected and scored for Top Troop points.


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