Friendstorming Event Tomorrow Night – Thursday, May 2nd

Friendstorming Thursday at 6:00 at Columbia Hall
Clatsop Community College Room 219.

***May Roundtable/District Dinner as well as District Committee and Commissioners meetings have been cancelled to make time for this meeting***

Why?  This meeting is so important.  It will, hopefully, produce a LOT of great ideas re: how we can grow the volunteer base in Ft. Clatsop District!  And, by doing that, the program will grow not only in quantity – but in quality!  There is a great tradition of Boy Scouting in Clatsop county and we  want that to continue.
Because of the desire to make it possible for as many of you Ft. Clatsop District Scouters to attend the Friendstorming as possible, and not overwhelm your schedules, the District Committee; Commissioner Meeting; Roundtable and District Dinner have been cancelled for May!
Feel free to “bring a friend” along!
We hope we see you there! If you aren’t familiar with this meeting room – my suggestion – as you travel up 16th – turn left on Lexington – go behind Columbia Hall and you will be able to enter on the same floor we will be meeting in.
Don’t forget — we will have FOOD there too!!

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