A Warning to Our Pirate Treasure Hunters Coming to Camp Next Week…

Ahoy thar!! It’s almost time for our Pirate Day Camp.

Some of the day camp staff and other volunteers were out at camp today getting things ready for Monday. Tents are up. Some of the packs have set up their shelters (If you haven’t, you can take them out tomorrow. Check for your pack number sprayed in red on the grass) Ranges have been marked out. And a pirate’s booty of gold doubloons has been hidden on the treasure hunting course.

As with any treasure worth finding, our scouts will be faced with challenges. Namely the scurvy skeeters, some blooming scotch broom and even rocks and twigs.

It is suggested that our treasure hunters come prepared on Monday and Tuesday with bug spray as well as allergy medication (per package directions and your physicians guidance as necessary).

Also, as with every day at camp, make sure to wear closed to shoes, and socks…we don’t want any peg legged pirate campers from foot injuries.



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