Slide Show of Jamboree Photos

Troop A234, with scouts from Ft. Clatsop and Chinook District as well as scouts from Long Beach recently returned from the 2013 National Jamboree.

Many of them joined the troop over a year ago and have worked hard to earn the money needed to attend. They participated in Rent-a-Scout programs, Crab Feeds, candy and popcorn sales, fair clean ups and event parking.

They also attended some pre-Jamboree camp outs. While at those camp outs their seasoned Scoutmasters were able to help them learn about each other and how to work together.

While at Jamboree, scouts walked MANY miles. They had several options for ranges, rock climbing, skate parks and BMX. They were also able to try the water obstacle course or go to the scuba pools. There were zip line…and lines in which to wait. They endured hot, humid weather as well as some decent thunder and lightning storms. Oh, and they traded patches galore.

This slide show has photos taken by the leaders while on tour prior to and after Jamboree. The majority of photos from Jamboree were taken by random people and posted on Twitter with #2013Jambo. So labeling is based on what the individual posted with their photo, not personal experience. Unless the caption specifies the photo is the Ft. Clatsop/Chinook troop, it most likely is not.

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