The Popcorn Sale is Right Around the Corner

Are you planning to sell popcorn this fall?

There are a couple new product this year. Bacon Ranch flavor and as well as a Dark and White Chocolate Drizzle. For those who don’t like popcorn, there are also Military Donations.

Of course there are some great prizes. The more you sell, the more prizes from which to choose. The $600 prize this year is a cool Z XCrossbow. As always, if you sell $2,500 or more 6% of your sales this year (and every year hereafter) will be invested in your own scholarship account.

Scout units have signed up for time slots at Fred Meyer. Yes, Fred Meyer is available…but do to the remodel only the variety side is available.


  • With limited time slots and many scouts we don’t want to let time slots go to waste.
  • We will be using “The 15 Minute Rule”…if you are more than 15 minutes late for your time slot you may loose your time slot.
  • If another scout is there, in uniform and ready to sell, they may slide into that spot.
  • Keep in mind, some scout units may break their time slots up, so another scout from that unit may have signed up for the second half of that time slot. That second scout should not loose his time slot because the first scout couldn’t make it on time.
  • Remember these point of the Scout LawFriendly (be friendly not only with your customers, but each other as you change shifts), Courteous (if your shift is over, don’t continue to sell into the next scouts shift just because you are making a lot of sales…with parents helping with set up/take down it is possible for the first scout to finish a sale and the second scout start selling), Cheerful (smile and say “thank you” whether you made the sale or not…simply doing so has more than once turned a no into a sale) and Thrifty (Make the most of our time slots, don’t let them go to waste. If you have a busy morning, sign up for a later slot. If your plans change, let your unit Kernel know.).

Dates to remember…

Friday, August 30 : Show & Sell order DUE online

Saturday, Sept. 14: Sale officially begins (so you can start taking orders and sell online)
Thursday, Sept. 19 & Friday, Sept. 20: Pick up Show & Sell popcorn
Saturday, Sept. 21: Show & Sell sale begins
Monday, Oct. 28: Sale ends

Tuesday, Oct. 29 & Wednesday, Oct. 30: Product return window. Sorry, late returns will not be accepted!

Friday, Nov. 1: Take Order DUE online. Unit Prize Order Tool opens online. Credit card payment tool opens online.

Thursday, Nov. 14: District Roundtables  A good time to turn in paperwork and payment to District Popcorn Kernel. Print “Unit Invoice” from the Popcorn System and include with your check or a copy of your online receipt.
Friday, Nov. 22: Final payment deadline. No need to make a special trip to the council office. Please mail “Unit Invoice” and single unit check payment to the address at the bottom of this webpage.
Prize order DUE online. Be sure you have completed and submitted the ‘Unit Prize Order” in the online Popcorn System. If the system has not asked where you want prizes shipped, you have not completed the unit order! You must also click the “Submit to Council” button to finish your order.

Thursday, Nov. 21 & Friday, Nov. 22: Pick up Take Order popcorn

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