Camp Clark All Pack Camping 2014

In 2014, June 29-July 3, Camp Clark, on the Oregon Coast, is making available the extraordinary opportunity for the entire Pack to come to resident camp together. Campers at Camp Clark will experience all of the exciting and traditional experiences of Scout camp including shooting sports, camp songs, games, and hikes.

Tigers, Wolves and Bears will spend their time experiencing what it might have been like to be a boy on the Oregon Trail. Webelos will spend their days at camp learning skills and activities that a young brave might have learned during the days of the Corp of Discovery with Lewis and Clark.

Everyone at Camp Clark will have time to spend on the beach exploring the tide pools, searching for that special sand dollar for the smallest sand dollar contest, take a night hike on the beach to search for bioluminescent plankton, sing camp songs and watch skits at campfire.

Your visit to Camp Clark is a Scouting experience that your Pack will never forget. See you there!  Register your Pack today!

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