Government Shutdown Affecting Boy Scout Facilities

Government Shutdown Affecting Boy Scout Facilities

As you are most likely all aware at 12:01am Tuesday morning our federal government shutdown. We have just learned Thursday that this affects our council as well. Anyone operating a facility or program on a United State Forest Service Special Use Permit must shutdown operation immediately. This affects our winter lodges, Camp Pioneer and a small part of Camp Baldwin. Until the government shutdown is over, no one is allowed to use any of these shutdown facilities. This affects our Winter Lodge Clean Up Day as well as any group that would be renting our property for camping, trainings, meetings, etc. We are not the only ones affected. Pretty much all activity on Mt Hood has shut down because of this. Basically, no one at this point is allowed to go skiing until the shutdown is over. At this point all planned activities on any of our Forest Service leased land will have to be postponed until further notice. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause and look forward to being able to resume our normal operation the minute the federal government shutdown is over. If you have further questions about how this may affect your upcoming unit plans, please contact Bo Henderson at .


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