Send in your stories and get a Leatherman or LED Lenser light!

With the right guidance, boys are capable of accomplishing amazing things. The Boy Scouts of America has some great stories to tell about our awesome boys, but we’ve needed a place to share them. So we’re building a website sponsored by the Cascade Pacific Council called “The Boy Project,” where we will collect and share stories. Stories of our boys and all that they do, all that they’ve done, all that they’re capable of…and that’s where you come in!

Although we’re going to start out with some pretty amazing stories of our boys, we need more. And we need your help.

We are looking for stories about real boys that have done, or are doing, something remarkable. There could be stories of adventure, of overcoming challenges, or of accomplishment – in or out of Scouting.

We are looking for stories, or stories told through pictures or videos. You don’t have to write the story unless you want to. You can even just tell us about a boy with a story we should look into. All you have to do is email us at

If we like your story, video, photo or other submission, we may feature it on The Boy Project – and that’s where a fabulous prize comes in – if your story is featured, you’ll get a Leatherman Wave or a LED Lenser light

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