2014 Ft. Clatsop District Pinewood Derby Rules

At the December roundtable the district pinewood derby rules were discussed and finalized. One VERY important change that all Cub Scouts need to be made aware of….There will be NO MODIFIED CAR CLASS THIS YEAR.

In reviewing post derby evaluations and noting the number of cars entering the stock vs category, it was decided to offer only the stock class. Please download and distribute the complete rules at 2014 Pinewood Derby Rules

Please make sure that when you are registering your pack, you list the rank of each scout racing. Webelos 1’s and 2’s will run in separate classes. You must pre-register with this information in order to be checked in efficiently.

As most of you know, the two tracks that are used for the district derby are fitted with timers and software. There has been confusion in the past in how the races are judged. It would be helpful if packs could also share the following information with their families prior to the district derby.

Cars will be divided into 5 classes by rank
Webelos 1
Webelos 2

As each car will race once in each lane of the 4 lane track, there will be multiple heats of 4 cars within each class. At the end of each heat, the cars place (1st-4th) will be determined as well as the cars speed. Classes with a larger number of cars, it is quiet possible for a car to place 1st in all 4 of it’s heats…however, if you look at the cars speed it may actually be slower than 4 other cars within that class. Race statistics are determined within the software.


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