Boy Scout Bicycle Crew Forming in Ft. Clatsop District

Currently an Eagle Scout from Troop 509, Bryce Nurding, is  working to organize a Boy Scout Bicycle Crew for youth 14 – 20 (girls and boys) in Clatsop County.
His goal, as you might have read in the paper, is to ride across the United States in 2015 for a Senior Project.. The idea for this ride started after contact was made with the Scout Group “Lucky 13”  that came through Astoria to Seaside in July:
Bryce has started a Facebook page to promote the idea:
A number of youth have expressed interest and are ready to get organized.  Membership in the crew does not mean that the youth would have to do the 2015 bike ride.
Bikes and Beyond will be the Chartering Organization. However –  in order to get the crew operational the current need is for adults who would be interested in working with them.  An adult is someone 21 years of age and older.
A. A male and a female advisor to help the youth make sure that their plans happen.  Monthly commitments would be  1 – 2 meetings and hopefully a bike ride and  some camping included.  These adults would not necessarily be committing for the 2015 ride.
B. 2 Adults to be on the Crew Committee. This  involves monthly meeting with other adults and being able to keep contact via. e-mails.
C. Eventually, adults to be with the youth on their cross country ride,  These adults would either  ride the entire trip, or to “leap-frog” a week at a time with other adults.  At least 1 man and 1 woman would be in this group.
Thanks much for getting the word out.  If you are interested in being involved, have youth who are interested in being involved or know of anyone who would be interested in being involved will you please contact me at 503-325-2990 or email Karen Gill, Ft. Clatsop District Scouting Coordinator at

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