Important FOS Information

“FOS UPGRADE: We are excited to announce a permanent time extension for the annual FOS recognition. Units who made their FOS goal in 2013 and have enjoyed free rank advancement and free tent camping, will now have that extended to April 30th each year. This will affect how our customers are helped at our stores, at our volunteer desks and at their unit meetings when we discuss benefits to achieving their goal. 

  • ·         This change solves a few frustrations for our unit leaders. They can now run their FOS campaigns at the beginning of each year and still obtain ranks for their Blue & Gold banquet and sign up for campsites, both of which tend to occur during the FOS drive.
  • ·         As units achieve their 2014 goal before the April 30 recognition deadline, it starts immediately and carries through April 30, 2015. And so forth.
  • ·         Please make an effort to celebrate these units as they are using this recognition for patches or camps. Thank them. Congratulate them. Let them know they are appreciated.


David Kunz | Field Director


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