Forest Management at Meriwether/Clark Reservation

We have just started thinning an area on the Meriwether/Clark Reservation. The timber stand being thinned was originally clear cut and replanted in 1950 by the Scouts. Now, the trees are growing too close together and many are damaged from high coastal winds. The goal of thinning is to remove the damaged trees and open up space for the remaining healthy trees to grow larger and faster. The area will become a living classroom for our Scouts and educational signs will be posted highlighting the growth stages of a healthy forest stand.
Proceeds from the harvest are used to maintain all Boy Scout camps within our Cascade Pacific Council. The thinning operation will center on the lower portion of the road into Camp Clark. An added benefit of the work will be improved space in the now tight parking lot which will also increase the safety of our Scouts.
This harvest operation is set to conclude in March. Most of the work will take place during the week and will not affect those of us using the camp on the weekends. Should you arrive during the week you may notice additional truck traffic on the camp roads. Please drive safely and exercise courtesy if you have to wait for a clear lane.

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