Peter Kummerfeldt Survival Seminar Available for Scouts

What: Peter Kummerfeldt’s survival seminars titled:
“An Introduction to Outdoor Survival and Surviving” & “Vehicular and Urban  Survival and Surviving”
Where: All Saints Parish, 3847 N.E. Glisan, Portland OR 97232
RSVP by January 27, 2014 – or 503-253-9033 – Troop 465
“Seating is limited, please contact Dan Toyooka with reservations or questions.”

Boy Scout members are invited to a survival seminar by Peter Kummerfeldt. Peter is a highly sought after survival instructor that has been an invited speaker to the Pacific Northwest Sportsman’s Show for the last Twelve years. Peter was a survival instructor for the US Air Force for 30 years and then retired and formed his own company, “Outdoorsafe”.
The last Ten years Peter has been gracious enough to visit with us while he is working the Northwest Sportsman’s Show. If you would like to learn more about Peter, please go to his website at,

The seminar is free, but we do ask for monetary donations at the door for a gift
for Peter and his wife.

Check for full details at PETER KUMMERFELDT 2014rev


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