Deadline to register for this weekends NAACS is January 23rd, 2014

Time is winding down to sign up for NAACS, and registration is available at the door and online. So come for the lodge’s premier event for learning more about Native American culture and traditions. Come and work on ceremonies, whether you are just starting out or a seasoned veteran of all the ceremonies. Make your very own regalia and learn about costuming and arts and crafts. Attend hands-on classes on Saturday, with workshops such as beading, drum-making, costuming, feather-making, ceremonies, and many more. Then, on Saturday night, participate in a Potlatch and learn more about Pow-Wow drumming and dancing, as well as great food.
Been 10 months or longer? Brotherhood is also an option at NAACS, so you can hve a great time as well as seal your membership.
Haven’t yet signed up for NAACS? Cost is $25 and you can do so under

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