Updated Medical Forms and Streamlined Website

Have you been confused as to which medical form your scout needs? Well, they have streamlined the website in order to ease some of the confusion.

Remember, not just scouts need the proper medical form. Every adult that goes to camp needs one as well, whether you are a scout leader, parent, attending a full week, or only a portion of day camp.

Webelos 2’s who have only attended camps that are less than 72 consecutive hours will need to update their medical forms as they cross over to their new troops. They will now need to have a physical and physicians signature when they attend summer camp. If you also play school sports, you may consider combining your scout physical (needed every 12 months) with your sports physical (most are good for 2  years). Some insurance that do cover physicals will only cover 1 per year…and some doctors will fill out both forms and only bill as one physical.

A tip for  preparing for your physical…

  • fill out all but the doctors portion of your physical online, then print it out the entire form to take to your appointment

Your doctor will appreciate having the majority of the form filled out. As an added bonus…it will be much easier to read your medical form in the event that you would need to use it.

For full details, go to http://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2014/03/03/bsa-health-forms-now-as-easy-as-a-b-c/


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