Ft. Clatsop Day Camp Staff Interviews to be Held Locally April 13th

Greetings potential Ft. Clatsop staffers!
I am the new Camp Director for the Ft. Clatsop day camp as part of the new Traveling Day Camp that has been put together this year. As part of the changes, we will be interviewing all prospective staff before camp, Sunday April 13th from 5-7pm at the Heritage Museum in Astoria (located on 16th and Exchange across from the old Lums building). Please come prepared in a clean and ironed uniform, or other appropriate interview attire, with a completely filled out camp staff application! As camp staff you will need to be able to attend camp set up on Saturday June 21st and all 5 days of camp, June 23rd-27th. I look forward to seeing you all at interviews!
-Ben Miller
You can find links to the Camp Staff Documents…including staff application, parental consent, code of conduct at…
If after reviewing the above information you still have questions, please contact Ben Miller, Camp Director, at miller.j.benjamin@gmail.com or Laurie Kautz, Camp Program Director, at laurie.kautz@gmail.com

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