Memorial Day Events

This weekend there are several events in which your scout can participate.  These are not mandatory, but participating in at least one will help your scout get a sense of what this holiday is about.  It also qualifies as service hours.  If your scout can attend please have them wear their scout uniform, which consists of scout shirt, neckerchief and tie slide, hat if they have one and either scout pants or clean neat blue jeans as well as closed toe shoes.

Warrenton Events:

  • Saturday 9:30 Oceanview Cemetery in Warrenton, put out flags and crosses.
  • Monday 11:00  Oceanview Cemetery in Warrenton, American Legion memorial service.
  • Monday 11:00  Ft. Stevens National Cemetery in Warrenton, VFW memorial service (w/ cannon salute and more).
  • Monday 12:30  Post Office in Warrenton, VFW changing of the flags.
  • Monday 5:30  Oceanview Cemetery in Warrenton, pick up flags and crosses

Seaside Events:

  • Saturday at 9am, meet at the American Legion (1315 Broadway, Seaside) at 900am. Then travel to the Seaside Cemetary to place flags on Veterans headstones.
  • Monday at 11am the Seaside Amercan Legion will offer a Memorial Day Service. Seasides Troop 642 will be acting as color guard, but additional scouts are welcome to attend. The service will be followed by a Spaghetti feed (cost is by donation and the public is welcome)

Please let your Scoutmaster, Venturing Advisor or Cubmaster know which events you plan to attend. And scout leaders, please make sure to record your service hours at



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