Local Scout Units Honor Veterans at Local Cemeteries

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Local scout units prepared 2 local cemeteries for Memorial Day this morning.

Members of Troop 642 and Pack 540 worked with the Seaside American Legion at the Seaside Cemetery. Scouts placed an American flag at the grave of each Veteran, read his head stone and rendered a salute. When each Veteran had been recognized individually the scouts raised a flag at the center of the cemetery

Members of Troops 509 and 211 worked with the Asotoria American Legion to Prepare the Oceanview Cemetery in Warrenton. They lined the roads through the cemetery with alternating American flags and white crosses.

Local scouts plan to attend various ceremonies on Monday as well. Those interested in attending, those events are as follows…


  • Monday 11:00  Oceanview Cemetery in Warrenton, American Legion memorial service. ( 575 SW 18th St, Warrenton, OR)
  • Monday 11:00  Ft. Stevens National Cemetery in Warrenton, VFW memorial service (w/ cannon salute and more).
  • Monday 12:30  Post Office in Warrenton, VFW changing of the flags.
  • Monday 5:30  Oceanview Cemetery in Warrenton, pick up flags and crosses


  • Monday at 11am the Seaside Amercan Legion will offer a Memorial Day Service. Seasides Troop 642 will be acting as color guard, but additional scouts are welcome to attend. The service will be followed by a Spaghetti feed (cost is by donation and the public is welcome)

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