STEM Patrol Challenge

Presented in partnership with OMSI

Imagine the opportunity for your patrol of Scouts to take on a challenge while camping at beautiful Camp Clark! The activity for the weekend is that patrols will be presented with a simple challenge, a time limit, and some supplies. From there it is up to the patrol to come up with the best solution or solutions. Take your time and really try to push the boundaries, points will be added for creativity.

WHO: Boy Scout Patrols of 6-8 members and 2 adults
WHAT: A simple challenge to be completed with
extraordinary results! (see picture below)
WHERE: Camp Clark, near Tillamook, Oregon
WHEN: Friday, September 19 – Sunday, September 21
COST: Exact price to be determined, about $85 per Scout, food included. Look for an early bird discount.

Sign up as a team of 6-8 Scouts. Two adults are free for a patrol. There will be a fee for additional adults.
Work as a team to come up with the best solutions.
Come with your thinking caps on. You will be limited to the supplies provided, but how you use them is up to your patrol.
We will have resources available to offer ideas and pointers.

Complete the initial challenge as presented.
Go beyond the challenge and have fun!
The more elements you add, the more points you can get!
Have fun as a patrol!

Register for this event soon at!


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