What Physical Do Scouts Need for Camp? What About Special Needs Forms?

Scout physicals are good for 1 year, and the forms have been updated this year. So, unless you have recently filled out a new one, you will need to do so.

Who needs a physical?? All scouts and adults participating in scout functions. But do you know which one you need?

Forms may be found at http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/ahmr.aspx/

Parts A and B (the first option) is needed for all scout functions, including day camp. This medical form is also appropriate for Cub Scouts and adults attending Cub World and Gilbert Ranch There is no physicians signature required.

Part C (the second option) is needed for Boy Scout resident camps and Cub Scouts and adults attending Adventure Cove…or any other scouting event lasting longer than 72 consecutive hours. This portion requires a physical and physicians signature.

If you are visiting your physician for Part C of your medical form, and you participate in sports, you may want to consider taking a copy of your school sports physical to your appointment. Often times if your insurance covers a sports physical they will only cover 1 per year, and in some cases you may be able to have both your scout and sports physical covered by the same deductable…check with your insurance and or physicians office.

It is also quite helpful if you fill out all but the physicians portion of your medical form online, then print it. This saves the physician having to fill it out during your visit…and the medical form will be much easier to read if it isn’t hand written.

What about Special Needs Forms??

Special needs forms can be found at http://www.cpcbsa.org/leader-resources/download-forms/category/29-medical-and-special-need

Who needs them?? Any scout or adult with a special need. Those needs can range from diabetes, CPAP machines, mobility issues to sensory issues and behavioral issues and dietary issues.

Cascade Pacific Council offers camp staff, volunteers and professionals training on working with scouts with special needs. We need to know about them though/

How do we accommodate these needs??

With ADVANCE notice, resident camps can make changes to menu items. Camps may also notify other campers of severe allergies so they may avoid bringing those items as snacks (i.e. peanuts).

If we know of sensory, behavior or attention type issues, we are better equipped to anticipate and possibly make program changes to help your scout have a positive camp experience.


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