What Should I Wear to Day Camp

First of all…it is suggested that you write your name in any items you wish to have back if you misplace them at camp. Lost and found may be offered at the end of each day…anything left after camp will be taken to the District Picnic on July 10th at Cullaby Lake. Items not claimed at the picnic will be donated to a local thrift store.

So,  we have some pretty awesome Western themed t-shirts that are perfect for day camp. Check with your den leader to see if you qualified for a free shirt. Extras will be available in the trading post starting at $15.

We also suggest long pants to protect from bugs and stickers…we have world-famous stickers in the grass around day camp!! We also ask that everyone wear closed toe shoes AND socks. Those stickers LOVE to jump into sandals and crocs.  Every day scouts will hike to fishing and ranges…that’s a mile each way. Socks go a long way to prevent blisters.

Dress for the weather!! We suggest layers as the weather changes throughout the day. A sweatshirt and light rain coat are a good start.

Hats are also a great idea. Rank specific ball caps are always appropriate (and they will be available in the trading post along with neckerchiefs and tie slides). Past years day camp or resident camp hats are great as well. But when it comes down to it, we just like to see scouts wearing hats to protect themselves from extra sunshine.

What shouldn’t you wear to camp?? We definitely don’t recommend wearing those new neckerchiefs and tie slides.  Once those tie slides fall off, they are difficult to find in the grass. You are welcome to wear your field uniform (formerly called Class A uniform) to flag in the morning and afternoon. Just remember, you will be heading right to your first station immediately after morning flag. So keep your t-shirt under that field uniform…then put your field uniform in your day pack until you make it back to your tent.



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