Ft. Clatsop Day Camp, a Week Filled With Fun

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What an awesome group!

What an awesome group!

Our entire staff was wanted...

Our entire staff was wanted…

Our Wild, Wild, West Day Camp has been a week filled with fun!

Staff actually started months ahead of time with planning and training.

Once it was time for camp, we kicked things off with our Check Out Scouts Saturday. All boys 1st-5th grade in the county were invited to come…Check out Scouts. They worked on 2 wood projects, visited the BB and archery ranges, went fishing and were treated to a BBQ.

Monday morning we welcomed our campers who were joining us for the full week. They have spent the week having fun with BB’s, archery, fishing, orienteering, 2 awesome wood projects for each boy, whittlin’, learning songs and skits, leather working, Dutch oven cooking, knots, sports, first aid training, did I mention BB’s and archery.

Thursday our campers heading out on the trail. Our Wild Mustang Webelos den headed out on a hike to Ft. Clatsop from the Pioneer Church…almost 10 miles round trip. Our Old Grizzly Bears, Cow Pokes and Prairie Dogs dens also departed from the Pioneer Church and headed for the beach to play in the sand and lash bamboo together for chariot races…almost 5 miles round trip.

We finished camp with a cowboy scavenger hunt, horse shoes, lasso training, capture the flag, cow milking, leather and wood working. If that wasn’t enough, our dens planned skits and performed in front of their families.

We welcome everyone to come back next year for a brand new  theme.


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