Local Eagle Scout Joins Other Eagle Scouts as They Rode Across the Country This Summer


This summer a group of Eagle Scouts Biked across the country. Local Eagle Scout Bryce Nurding joined them on their journey through Colorado. You can find him in some of the photos in an awesome slide show on the Boys Life website at http://boyslife.org/about-scouts/scouting-around/137270/it-was-a-busy-summer-for-these-cycling-eagle-scouts/

During the summer of 2013, another group of Scouts biked across the country. They departed from Havre de Grace, MD and completed their journey in Seaside, OR. Bryce received a last minute email about their arrival and met up with the group at McDonalds in Astoria. He joined them for their last leg to the waters edge on Broadway in Seaside. (http://www.lucky13biketrip.com/)

After making connections with that group, Bryce was inspired to put a lot of leg work into starting a new Crew in Astoria, Crew 255, chartered by the American Legion.

Bryce is now working very hard to organize a cross country ride for Crew 255. They will be raising money for Operation Comfort Warrior. You can follow their progress  at https://www.facebook.com/biketrip2015tonewyork and http://www.biketripamerica.com

Recently Bryce contacted the person who had let him know about the Lucky 13 Bike Trip. It seems that one little email had a domino effect. Of his experience riding with the Eagle Scouts this summer Bryce said ” I cannot BEGIN to describe what an adventure it was riding with them. They are the reason I now know how to put this trip together.”

This is a good example of how even the little things you do can inspire others to do great things.

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  1. Thanks for your work on this site. I love this post!

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