Camp Royce Finel Work Days Coming Up

There will be a work party out at Royce Finel this Saturday (March 14th) from 8:30 am until no later than 3:30 pm.  We will be clearing the trail and service road (top of the hill to the parade ground).  We will meet up at the trail head in Carnahan Park (by the dock).  This work will make it easier for troops hiking out to the camp and delivery of construction materials in April for repairing the rest of the vandalism damage.

Bring loppers, shears, gloves, lunch, and water bottle (water will be turned on at the camp).  Adults can bring weedeaters or brush cutters.

Our second Royce Finel camp work day is on Saturday April 25th, 2015.

Meet 9AM in Camp. We will be installing Four more Metal support poles and supports
for the Tarp Shelter closet to the Trail coming in to Camp. Also need older Scouts to brush out quite a bit around this Camp to open it up
a little more for Tent sites. If we have a lot of help will also cut brushes back on service road.
Please bring loppers, Hedge shears, Gloves, Sack Lunch. Water will be on in Camp.
Our Councils Camp Facilitiies Director will be helping us out. Andy  Herold is in charge of all the Camps in the Cascade Pacific Council,
so its special that he takes the time to come and help us out.
Much help is appreciated.
Thanks Tom
Contact me at for questions or info

Scouts 14 and older will have their time counted towards the councils Hodag Award.


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