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Butte Creek

From July 8th -10th Ft. Clatsop District Scouts were riding the range at Butte Creek.

Jason Teague from Astoria’s Pack 211 along with Brendan Everts and Will Kautz from Seaside’s Pack 540 hit the trails. While staying at the old west town, the three Webelos learned about Dutch oven cooking, visited the BB and archery ranges, churned butter, panned for gold and woke up early to feed the farm animals. Of course they even rode horses.

In addition to those activities, Brendan and Will even earned the Chaplains Aide Award for completing 3 tasks. They attended chapel service, offered grace for one meal and completed a service project. The project they were assigned was to clear some saplings from an area that allowed the fire department access to pump water from the creek in case of fire.

Leadership was provided by Brenda Teague of Astoria’s Pack 211, Laurie Kautz of Seaside’s Pack 540 and Jake Shade, an Eagle Scout from Seaside’s Troop 642. All leaders were presented with a patch to commemorate surviving “the hill” repeatedly climbed to reach the tents sites. In addition Brenda and Laurie received Butte Creek Leader patches, which were earned by doing extra tasks to help ensure the Scouts had the most positive experience possible.