Come Check Out Cub Scouts in Seaside Next Week

K – 4th  Grade Boys in the Seaside School District – bring your Parents and Family

and register for a summer of fun while you check out Cub Scouts!

There will be Hot Dogs and Games on Tuesday

June 2, 2015 at 6:00 the  Broadway Park in Seaside!

For more information call: 

Laurie Kautz at 503-717-9111 or David Posalski at  503-536-5396


Ft. Clatsop District BSA is a Clatsop County United Way Agency

Ft. Clatsop Eagle Project Saturday, May 23rd

This weekend Zach Larsen will be working on his Eagle Project. If you are available and would like to help out, here are the details…

Zach Larsen Eagle Project

I have chosen to work with the Warrenton Fire Department to restore fire hydrants around Warrenton. On Saturday morning we will be working on 50-100 fire hydrants. Landscaping around the hydrant, doing some routine maintenance and painting it yellow is what needs to be done to each hydrant. The more people that come the more hydrants we will be able to do. Please consider joining me in this project. Lunch will be provided. (If you can let me know you are coming, I would appreciate it. )

Where to meet: Warrenton Fire Department.

Saturday, May 23rd 9-2:00pm; Wear work clothes. Lunch Provided

Ft. Clatsop District Eagle Scout Featured in Scouting Magazines Blog

Local Eagle Scout Jackson Meyer has been featured on the blog for Scouting Magazine. Jackson will be on Monday, May 25ths episode of American Ninja Warrior. He will be competing in his scout uniform.

Memorial Day Service Project Opportunities in Seaside

Seaside Troop 642 will be honoring Veterans Memorial Day weekend by placing flags in the Seaside Cemetery. For those interested in helping, please meet at the American Legion on Broadway at 830 am on Saturday.

It is a short amount of time spent that means so much to the families of those who sacrificed so much more.

Memorial Day Service Project Opportunities in Warrenton

In a message from Birchard Kelley, Troop 509 Scoutmaster….

Memorial Day (May 25th) is rapidly approaching.  It is a time we honor those who perished in the defense of our country and other countries Americans helped in their pursuit of freedom.  As Scouter’s and Scouting families, it is an honor we are some of the first people veterans groups look to for assistance during this national event.  As an American, it is my opinion, Memorial Day is the most important holiday we have.  If not for those who sacrificed, we would not be enjoying the 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and many other national holidays.

Below are Memorial Day events being held in Warrenton.  If there are events being held in your area, I highly encourage your Scouter attend.

1. Saturday May 23 at 9:30 AM, assist the American Legion in putting out Crosses and Flags at Ocean View Cemetery.

2. Monday May 25 at 11:00 AM is the Fort Stevens Memorial Ceremony sponsored by the Warrenton VFW.  Scouts can help by handing out programs, and Austin Stein from Troop 509 will be performing Taps.  (They fire a Civil War era type cannon at this event which is really cool.)

3. Monday May 25 at 11:00 AM is the Ocean View Cemetery Memorial Ceremony sponsored by the Astoria American Legion.  Scouts will be needed to present the BSA memorial wreath and David Kelley (former Troop 509 Scout) will be playing Taps.

4. Monday May 25 at 12:30 is the Flag Changing Ceremony at the Warrenton Post Office.  Scouts will be needed to hand out programs,  assist veterans in replacing the flags, and Austin Stein from Troop 509 will be performing Taps.

5. Monday May 25 at 5:00 PM, assist the American Legion in picking up the flags and crosses at Ocean View Cemetery.

Seaside’s Troop 642 Takes 1st Place in the Tuality District Camporee Dutch Oven Cook-off

Scoutmaster Stan Gandy has reclaimed the top honors for Troop 642 at the Tuality District Camporee Dutch oven cook-off.

This year’s camporee was a Mountain Man theme. So Stan grew out his beard and put together a winning menu for the annual competition.

Parched judges were able to wet their whistle with blueberry iced tea. They then dined on venison back strap filet minion, broccoli pie and smokey sweet potatoes. To finish out their meal they were offered triple berry bread pudding.

Way to go Stan. Thanks for representing Troop 642 and Ft. Clatsop District.

Ft. Clatsop District Eagle Scout Competes on American Ninja Warrior

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Jackson Meyer, Eagle Scout from Ft. Clatsop Districts Troop 642, will be on an episode of American Ninja Warrior airing Monday, May 25th on NBC.

Jackson is a 2010 graduate of Seaside High School. He has spent many years being involved in both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.

Recently Jackson decided to apply to compete on American Ninja Warrior, and was accepted. It was important to Jackson that he represent scouting during the competition. He received permission from both the BSA and NBC to wear his scout uniform on the course in Venice Beach, CA.

Competition started at 430am. Jackson said that he was struck by how much larger the course was than it appears on TV. He was also impressed with how supportive everyone was. During interviews he was able to share some of his scout stories. He hopes to return to the competition next year.

When asked what he would remember most about competing, Jackson said it would be knowing that  a person can do everything they want to. When he applied he didn’t know if he would be accepted, but he applied anyway. His advice for everyone would be for anything in life they should “apply and try”.

Jackson will be graduating from OSU this June. He will have 2 degrees, Fisheries and Wildlife as well as Zoology. He is currently working on a study of the Oregon Slender Salamander to help Weyerhaeuser learn the effects of logging on this sensitive species.

American Ninja Warrior will air Monday, May 25th on NBC at 8pm (Pacific time).|nnjwrrr|smmrshws2015|ggl|na|na&hcoref=SEM&WT.srch=ggl&sky=+american%20+ninja%20+warrior&k_clickid=572e5cd6-d845-e549-fa5c-000031d52302