Over the Edge – June 26, 2015

Over the Edge – June 26, 2015

Are you daring enough to rappel down the side of the 1000 Broadway Building? Enjoy breathtaking views and experience a life-changing adrenaline rush.
New this year everyone ages 14 and older and weigh between 100-300 lbs. may participate.  This year’s event is limited to the first 76 participants.  Why not sign up as a Mom and Son, or Dad and Daughter team?  A $100 registration fee is required. Edgers must raise a minimum of $1,500/ person or $2,500/team of two by June 16, 2015.
If rappelling 24 stories down the 1000 Broadway Building is not your thing, organize your unit and find a die-hard thrill seeking adult leader in your unit who will agree to go over the edge.

Register online at www.cpcbsa.org/edge. Once you register, use our resources to create your personal message and begin collecting donations online.

2017 National Scout Jamboree – Leaders Needed

017 National Scout Jamboree – Leaders Needed

The Summit is the new home of achievement, adventure, and innovation in Scouting. With world-class facilities and a focus on outdoor action sports, the Summit welcomed Scouts to a while new jamboree experience in summer 2013. 2017 is the next Jamboree!

Adult leaders are needed for this great adventure!  To apply as an Adult Leader please click here.Adult fee is $2,950. There is no fee for adults to apply. All adults will go through an interview process.

We want you to join us in experiencing the 2017 National Jamboree! Boy Scouts and co-ed Venturers are welcome to join us on this great adventure. The fee for Scouts and Venturers to participate in 2017 is $3,475. The jamboree fee covers transportation, tours, and admission fees. meals, lodging, insurance and most patrol and troop equipment.   Click here to sign up today! 

Cub Scout Program Updates

Cub Scout Program Updates

EVERYONE involved in Cub Scouts should attend.

On Saturday March 21st, 2015 we will be going more in depth about the changes and how to implement them into our program starting June 2015. This will be the same presentation done at the University of Scouting, but instead of one hour we will have almost four hours.

Class starts promptly at 9:00 a.m. and ends at approximately 12:30 p.m. at Golda’s Kitchen at Scouter’s Mountain, 11300 SE 147th Ave., Happy Valley, OR 97086.
Registration is not required but helpful. Find online registration at cpcbsa.org/register Questions? Sheryl Shake:Shakesher@aol.com or 360-885-9467 (home), 503-522-5034 (cell)

Camp Lewis Forestry Work Picks Up In March

Camp Lewis Forestry Work Picks Up In March

Two years ago, our council’s volunteer Forest Management Committee addressed concerns of sick and dying trees in camp.  The committee is made up of forestry management professionals who volunteer their time to provide direction to the council on managing the forests in our camps.

This spring, in our ongoing effort to keep a healthy forest, there will be some forestry work occurring at Camp Lewis.  Like harvest activity in 1999, 2004 and 2009, this work is being done to make the forest stand healthier and safer for Scouting.  In the previous thinning operations, trees that had large dead limbs over-hanging trails were removed.  These heavy limbs had been breaking off and creating a hazard.  Many of those problem trees have been have been removed allowing the younger healthier trees to flourish.  Read more here.

1-2-3 Go! NOVA Award Available at OMSI in April

NOVA: 1-2-3 Go! at OMSI – April 3rd 

Science is everywhere, especially at OMSI! Cub Scouts are invited to come to this event to work on the 1-2-3 Go! NOVA Award and explore science with experts in the museum exhibits and labs. Be amazed by stage shows, inspired by the Labs and get your hands on fun activities.  Register today!

Adult Boy Scout Leader Outdoor Training

Adult Boy Scout Leader Outdoor Training Saturday – KOA 9:00 A.M. – all day! For more information contact Bob Blue at:
503-791-1204.  Great course for anyone who are or who  thinks they might be working with boys 11 and up!

Check in Times for Ft. Clatsop District Pinewood Derby

The Ft. Clatsop District Pinewood Derby is just a few days away….Saturday, February 28th.

We will again be doing staggered check in time. This makes the check in process go smoother and keeps the younger boys from having to wait so long before racing.

Check in times are as follows….please be prompt and arrive at the BEGINNING of your check in time. Races for each rank are scheduled to start at the end of each check in time, late arrivals can not be added once a rank has started to race.

District Pinewood Derby Saturday at the KOA.  Check in times:
Webelos 1 and 2: 8:45
Bears: 9:00
Wolves: 9:15
Tigers: 9:30
If your scout is early for his check in time, he may check in early. However, please make sure there are no scouts behind him that that are of the rank that is currently checking in.
We don’t want anyone to miss their race!

As packs arrive with their cars, a representative for the pack should stay at the table with their scouts cars. As scouts arrive, they should take their car to the registration table….a car may not be checked in without the scout present. Pack leaders should NOT bring all of their confiscated cars to the registration table to check their entire pack in. We can not check cars in until the scout who owns it is present.

Thank you