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Scout nights at the Moda Center

The Portland Trail Blazers are excited to once again team up with the local Cub/Boy Scouts to offer three great nights of high-flying basketball action as well as special experiences for all Scouts, families and friends.

January 10th vs Orlando Magic @ 7:00PM – The first 100 participants to purchase tickets to this game are invited to play on the Blazers court before the game from 1:30-2:30pm, doors open at 1pm. The first troop to buy 40+ tickets will also get to high-5 the Trail Blazers as they enter the court after halftime.

February 27th vs Oklahoma City Thunder @ 7:30PM – All Scouts, families and friends are invited to stay after the game to shoot a free throw on the Blazers court and watch a movie on the big screen! The first troop to buy 40+ tickets will also get to participate in that night’s Anthem Buddies (limited to 12 participants).

March 28th vs Denver Nuggets @ 7:00PM – The first 200 participants to purchase tickets to this game are invited to “Training Camp” at the Moda Center from 1:30-3:30pm. There will be 4 challenging fast-paced stations throughout the arena to complete!

EASIEST WAY TO ORDER IS ONLINE!  http://www.rosequarter.com/boyscouts

For more information contact: Group Tickets Hotline, 503-797-9637or groupinterns@trailblazers.com


Mud Mayhem Returns to Scouters Mountain September 12, 2015

Mud Mayhem is returning to Scouters Mountain in 2015!! If you’ve never participated in Mud Mayhem (formerly Mud Cubs) you are missing out.

The event is no longer just for Cub Scouts…older Scouts can have just as much fun. And parents and leaders even have a blast!!

The event will be September 12th. Cost will be $10 if pre-registered and $20 at the door. Watch for registration to open at http://www.cpcbsa.org/register

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New Skipper Needed for Astoria’s SSS 635, Flying Cloud

Note from Hal re: new skipper needed for Sea Scouts:


I am hunting for a new skipper for SSS 635, Flying Cloud.  Suzanne currently needs 24/7 care which impacts routine meetings and practically eliminates program activities that are more than a couple of hours long (sailing, dirt camping, complicated fundraisers, etc.).  

I do not plan on leaving the group.  I want someone else to be the skipper so I can step down to mate.

If no one can be convinced to be skipper, the ship at least needs adults to keep track of advancement, recruitment, fund raising as well as being the second adult on a boat. I would appreciate an adult or two to help me think about these issues.

New adult mates don’t need to know about boats. The group and I will train them along with the scouts.  We encourage participating adults to satisfy the requirements for each Sea Scout rank.


(contact Hal at: halnauman@gmail.com )

Do You Drink Enough Water?

rethink your drink

How much water do you drink. Did you know most people don’t drink enough fluids are start each day already dehydrated?

Heading into camping season take a little time to think about whether or not you are getting enough fluids. Don’t wait until you get to camp to start drinking more fluids…if you arrive dehydrated to begin with, getting hydrated is an uphill battle.

Living on the coast in a damper climate is quite different than some of our council resident camps. Even if you are attending a resident camp on the coast, you most likely will be more active while at camp…which will increase your water needs.

You can find some good information at  http://www.cdc.gov/nutrition/everyone/basics/water.html

The Sea Scouts Boat Sales are now open

To fund the Sea Scout operations the Sea Scouts take in donated boats and sell them at well below blue book.

First Annual Dutch Oven Dessert Cook Off Rules Posted

The rules for the First Annual Dutch Oven Dessert Cook Off have been posted. The Cook Off will be held at our annual district picnic on Thursday July 10th at Cullaby Lake.

ft. Clatsop District
Dutch Oven Dessert Cook Off
July lO 2ol4
Cullaby Lake Park
l. Entrants supply your own Dutch ovens and Utensils
2,. Entrants supply all charcoal and starter.
3. Everything must be prepared on site.
4, Entrants must describe their creation as to how made and with
what to the judges.
5, Entrants can start at 5:5O pm. Judging at 7:OO pm.
6. Judges will be judging on:
a. Originality
b. Taste
c. Appearance
7. All cooking must be done in a Dutch Oven on site.
8. Side items such as butters, sauces, jams should not be
presented to the judges.
9. Good fire safety practices must be maintained.
10. Safe food handling practices must be maintained.

 For a printable flyer to share with your units, click Dutch Oven Rules

Ft. Clatsop District Summer Parades

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about parades. There are several parades on our district in which scouts can participate. Scout units wishing to participate should contact the parade organizers to register. (Those wishing to participate in either of Astoria’s Regatta Parades, please contact Ft. Clatsop District Program Chairman Laurie Kautz at laurie.kautz@gmail.com as we typically enter as a district).

As with any public appearance scouts should use the following guidelines…

Scout Field Uniform (formerly known as Class A uniform). Shirts should be tucked in to scout pants or neat, clean blue jeans (no camo pants or gym shorts please). Hats, neckerchiefs and tie slides as appropriate for your scout unit. Closed toe shoes and socks.

Scouts should always conduct themselves by the scout law.

Parades do count toward service hours, so make sure your scout unit logs their hours at http://www.myscouting.org

4th of July Parades


  • Parade will be held in Warrenton. Full information to follow, check back for updates to this post.


  • 11am in Seaside
  • Registration forms can be found at http://www.seasidemuseum.org/paradeform.cfm

Cannon Beach

  • 11am in Cannon Beach
  • For more information contact The Legion 503-436-2973, email info@cannon-beach.net 

Astoria Regatta Parades

  •  Regatta Kick Off Parade. August 6th at 630pm – no motorized vehicles. Meet at the Astoria U.S. Bank parking lot. Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Crew Members and Sea Scouts needed to carry flags. Other entries always welcome. Free Ice Cream for participants following the parade
  • Regatta Grand Land Parade. Saturday, August 9th at 1130am District Cub Scouts welcome to attend as a group. Meet in the Aquatic Center Parking lot. Frozen treats for Scout participants following the parade.